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Best Garden Hose of 2020

Best Garden Hose Overall 2020 – Flexzilla Hose For the price, the Flexzilla Garden Hose is tough to beat. As the name implies, it’s a very flexible hose, yet is durable, lightweight, and safe to drink from. This also makes it our pick for the best drinking safe garden hose of 2020 as well! It’s […]


Best Compost Bins of 2019

There is almost no better way to recycle food scraps and yard waste than to place them in a compost bin. With enough time, patience, and a little care, all those microorganisms will turn those worthless scraps into the rich black gold all gardeners love. For most composters, the EPA states, “most compost is ready […]


Best Outdoor Patio Heaters 2019

Best Patio Heater Overall of 2019 Thermo Tiki Propane Patio Heater – Stainless Steel This heater additionally takes the spot of “Best Propane Patio Heater” and “Best Standing Patio Heater.” Safety is the biggest concern when dealing with anything that generates a significant amount of heat. Thermo Tiki’s Pyramid-Style Standing Patio Heater meets ANSI, CE, […]