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How to Compost Dog or Cat Waste

With all the snuggles and cuddling your dog or cat might bring, there’s always a downside to owning a pet. Anyone who has carelessly walked around their back yard or forgotten to change their cat’s litter box is quickly reminded of the droppings your furry friend leaves behind. Litter box or pooper scooper duty is […]


How to Grow Your Own Worms

It’s a worm’s world out there! For centuries, worms have played a massive part in caring for and propagating different types of plant species. Small and harmless, these wriggling nutrient powerhouses are every gardener’s best friend and secret weapon to healthy, happy plants all year long. So, what exactly is the deal with vermicomposting, or […]


How to Build a Worm Tower – What are the Benefits

What is a Worm Tower? A worm tower is precisely what it sounds like. It’s a PVC tube, typically around four inches in diameter that gets stuck directly in your garden with the other part of the tube sticking out. The tower acts as a home for you composting worms where you can concentrate your […]


Vermicomposting – How to Get Started

Vermicomposting and the Joy of Worms For seasoned green-thumbs, worms are a source of immeasurable joy. These earth-friendly crawlies aren’t only good for fishing bait, they are also a great way to turn your organic scraps into nutrient-rich soil which your plants will love! The process of vermicomposting involves using certain species of earthworms and […]


Bokashi Composting – Everything You Need to Know

Bokashi Composting: What is it? Food waste has become a global epidemic, and we’re not even exaggerating. When you toss a half-eaten apple into the trash, you’re not only wasting what’s left – you’re wasting time, resources and money just to get the fruit from the orchard to your hands. For an exponential problem such […]